A guide to installation of Lenya 1.2 on x86 Gentoo.

Note: I have only tested this on x86 Gentoo, to use Lenya on amd64 requires the installation of either Blackdown1.4.2 or sun-jdk 1.5

This is an initial quick guide to installing Lenya 1.2 on Gento from my first experiments, I have been unable to run Lenya on Tomcat, so this guide covers compiling and installing the July 2004 Lenya 1.2 release, and running it in the Jetty servlet container included with cocoon.

Install sun-jdk-1.4.2

Emerge the ebuilds of dev-java/sun-jdk-1.4.2. If you have another JDK installed remember to use java-config.

Download Lenya and cocoon.

The cocoon ebuild is installed at /usr/share/cocoon. I didn’t bother with the ebuild, and downloaded Cocoon 2.1.5 from http://cocoon.apache.org/ and expanded it into /usr/share/cocoon.


If you want to use the branch 1.2.x (1.2 dev), you MUST download cocoon 2.1.5 or above...

incubating-lenya-1.2-src.tar.gz can be downloaded from http://cocoon.apache.org/lenya/ and I expanded it into /usr/share/lenya. If you want the latest development version of the 1.2.x branch you will have to get it using subversion - be aware that the ebuild of subversion is blocked by apache 2...

Copy the .properties files

Copy the files:

from /usr/share/lenya/src/cocoon to /usr/share/cocoon

Compile cocoon

Go to /usr/share/cocoon and type:

Edit the local.build.properties file

Copy /usr/share/lenya/build.properties to /usr/share/lenya/local.build.properties

Use the editor of your choice to set the locations of Lenya and cocoon (don’t worry about the location of Tomcat as we are not using it).

Build the Lenya webapp

Check you are in the /usr/share/lenya directory and type:

Start Jetty

Again in /usr/share/lenya type:

Test the installation

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