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 * Here's a precompiled package for convenience: [[attachment:firedocs-lenya-full-1.2.4.xpi]]  * Here's a precompiled package for convenience: [[attachment:firedocs-lenya-full.xpi]]

System Requirements

  • Server (Lenya)
    • Current SVN version of BRANCH_2_0_X
    • We assume that modules.copy is set to "false" in local.build.properties.
  • Client
    • MacOSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux
    • Firefox 3.0.x (recommended) or 2.0.x
    • Java 1.5 or 1.6 Update 7

Download and Installation

Building the Extension

  • svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/lenya/contributions/2_0_X -> this will be $CONTRIB_HOME

  • Add $CONTRIB_HOME/modules and $CONTRIB_HOME/pubs to local.build.properties
  • Rebuild Lenya: Firedocs will be downloaded and the installer will be created: $CONTRIB_HOME/modules/firedocs/dist/firedocs-lenya-full.xpi

Known Issues

  • http://www.unicms.uzh.ch/about/firedocs/probleme.html (German only)

  • Problem (seen on 04/2009) :
    • When you try to edit a document with Firedocs, the "completion bar" stops on the "Schema loaded" item (~50%)
  • Solution :
    • From java 6_10, there is a new way to deal with java plugin (Next generation Plug-in), this new way is not supported by Firedocs.
    • So, to work with Firedocs, you have to deactivate the Next Generation Java Plugin : Java Control Panel -> Extensions -> Java-Plug-In

Editing the Lenya Documentation with Firedocs

Before you can edit a document, you have to execute these steps. This is necessary only once for each document.

  • Set the MIME type of the document to "application/forrest+xml" (Site Area -> Meta Data)

  • Edit the document with the source editor, set the namespace to "http://apache.org/forrest/document/v20"

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