Log Lenya with Chainsaw v2

Chainsaw is a powerful GUI-based Log viewer. It's a companion application to Log4j and seems to have replaced LogFactor5. Pros are: * mature application, opensource, clean GUI, easy to install (web start) * allows you to easily view the logs of a specific component of your webapp

See also CocoonLog4J and Chainsaw homepage

Getting Chainsaw v2

Web start

Installing Chainsaw locally

Configuring Lenya (using SocketAppender)



<appender name="COCOON_DEFAULT"
   <param name="RemoteHost" value="localhost" />
   <param name="Port" value="4445" />

  <priority value ="debug" />
  <appender-ref ref="COCOON_DEFAULT" />

Using Chainsaw

Other Ressources:

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