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 * [http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/tutorial/mod_proxy_and_lenya.html Part 6a: mod_proxy and Lenya]
 * [http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/tutorial/mod_proxy_and_lenya_continued.html Part 6b: mod_proxy and Lenya]
 * [http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/components/deployment/proxying.html Reverse Proxying Apache Lenya]
 * [[http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/tutorial/mod_proxy_and_lenya.html|Part 6a: mod_proxy and Lenya]]
 * [[http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/tutorial/mod_proxy_and_lenya_continued.html|Part 6b: mod_proxy and Lenya]]
 * [[http://lenya.apache.org/docs/1_2_x/components/deployment/proxying.html|Reverse Proxying Apache Lenya]]

This page refers to version 1.2.x

Existing documentation on reverse proxying

This is a list of the existing documentation on proxying:

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