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Outsourcing the Content of your Publication

NOTE: This documentation applies for Lenya 2.0 NOTE: This feature is still under development.

Lenya 2.0 lets you separate your dynamic/content files from the publication. This way, deployment is much easier. You should consider to outsource the following files:

  • content, normally under mypub/content
  • resources (assets, like pdf and gif), normally under ressources/authoring and ressources/live
  • access rights, normally under config/ac

== outsource content / ressources ==

In mypub/conf/publication.xconf,

  • edit <content-dir>, see the comments in the file. You should use something like /data/mypub.

  • move all the files from mypub/content into the directory that you specified above (/data/mypub/content).
  • move all the files from mypub/resources into the directory that you specified above (/data/mypub/resources).


  • src/java/org/apache/lenya/cms/repository/SourceNode.java
  • src/java/org/apache/lenya/cms/publication/Resource.java

for more background info).

outsource ac

In mypub/config/ac/ac.xconf

  • edit <parameter> values, , see the comments in the file (TODO).

  • move all other files from mypub/config/ac to the directories that you specified above, e.g /home/user/data/mypub/content/ac

== A typical setup ==


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