If you're not too familiar with the Apache server or don't understand proxying very well, the apparently simple task of getting http://www.foo.com (i.e., your domain name) to point to your live lenya home page can be quite daunting. If you've just got a single server and only one publication, here's the easy way (for Lenya 1.2.5):

(n.b., Whether the URLS below have trailing slashes or not is significant).

Configuring Lenya

In $pub/config/publication.xconf, change the proxy elements so (obviously changing www.foo.com to your own domain name):

       For information about these settings, read

<proxy area="live" ssl="true" url="https://www.foo.com/ssl/default"/>
  <proxy area="live" ssl="false" url="http://www.foo.com"/>
  <proxy area="authoring" ssl="true" url="https://www.foo.com/lenya/default/authoring"/>
  <proxy area="authoring" ssl="false" url="http://www.foo.com/lenya/default/authoring"/>

Here we are only proxying the live pages. That is, the authoring pages will still be at http://www.foo.com:8080 (or whatever port you have Lenya on).

Restart Lenya

Configuring Apache

In your apache2.conf file, add the following at the end:

ProxyRequests Off

ProxyPass /default/live/css http://www.foo.com/css
ProxyPassReverse /default/live/css http://www.foo.com/css

ProxyPass /default/live/images http://www.foo.com/images
ProxyPassReverse /default/live/images http://www.foo.com/images

ProxyPass / http://www.foo.com:8080/default/live/
ProxyPassReverse / http://www.foo.com:8080/default/live/

Restart Apache

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