This document is a first draft for design the future Lenya major version.

Useful reading and information have to be picked up from this documents :

Here comes some headings that have to be filled down. Headings and content are proposals, so don't hesitate to modify, suppress, etc...

General Requirements

Use Cases




user interface



which cocoon version ?

Lenya is actually in 2.1, 2.2 was "stable" and out from a moment and C3 is actually under development in alpha stage. Which version will be use ? Let's discuss about possible scenarios and pro and cons for each.


the way works the app


api have to be simple, understandable, etc... but it's not easy ! Let's discuss about it here.

Ideas to reuses

* this ideas are from an old 3.0 roadmap. * some of this ideas have to be reuse into this document :


A: Evolution

B: Clean Cut, Reuse Architecture

  1. Migrate to Cocoon 2.2
  2. Replace content repository with JCR
  3. Start with minimal core
  4. If possible, replace home-grown stuff with out-of-the-box components (a lot has happened since our components have been built)
    • Identity management: no internal user storage (maybe proxies), SSO support (OpenID integration etc.)
    • Workflow engine
    • GUI framework (GWT, Dojo, ...)
  5. Migrate modules step by step

C: Clean Cut, Reuse Experience

  1. Reconsider all requirements thoroughly
  2. Derive architectural constraints
  3. Choose architecture
  4. Reuse code where it makes sense

Architectural Constraints

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