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The community of the Apache Lenya project would like to invite you to the next user and developer meeting in Bad Säckingen, Germany. The meeting will take place on Thursday, June 25, and Friday, June 26. The meeting allows users from various organizations to exchange their experiences and best practises, and to make suggestions for improvement to the developers. The focused atmosphere enables the community members to discuss important matters affecting the future of the project as well as particular implementation details.

The BeCompany provides a budget to support community members who want to give a talk, but are attending privately and have trouble financing the accommodation. Please contact us at contact(at)becompany.ch.


June 25 and 26, 2009


Hotel Schweizerblick, Bad Säckingen, Germany

If you want to book a room, please send an email with subject "Lenya Meeting" to webmaster@schweizerblick.de

Airports near Bad Säckingen:

Railway, informations and reservation (English available) :


Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Current List of Participants

Sign up here if you can make it to Bad Säckingen:

This is an early draft. Feel free to add topics of interests here:

Topic Suggestions

Talks / Presentations

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