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Main Idea of this project

  • Provide a simple access (just a classic registration) to a site and a repository : the community site.
  • On this community site anybody who wants can add a module and share it with the world.
  • The aim is not to influence the Lenya's core, but to use module capability and core possibilities as far as possible
  • The objective of this "open access repository" is to increase possibilities for user and end-users and to allow for adding modules without being a lenya-committer (that means lowering the barrier to contribute code).

Technical support

  • Setup wiki pages for external contributions
  • Give advice / recommendations for hosting

Needs for hosting

  • anonymous read access on source code
  • write access to module's leader and to identified user

Discussion about hosting

  • I see two solutions for the hosting

1) Use svn hosting provider (like sourceforge, google code, ...)

  • a benchmark about the different hosting solution you know have to be done in order to choice
  • please list here hosting provider you know and list advantage and inconvenient you know
  • Advantages
    • no maintenance work
    • tools provide
  • Inconvenient
    • each Lenya module is a project in a project on the provider, it could be hard to have a global seen of contributor's modules
    • risk to have many modules on many providers

2) Use my dedicated server

  • I begin to configure an svn server yesterday and it seems to be easy to have a repository who respect the needs
  • I would like to also set up a Lenya site dedicated to modules. It's allow to write things on modules and retrieve informations from svn
  • Advantages :
    • all modules in a dedicated place, easy to have a global view
    • could be a good for Lenya marketing : a Lenya site that show Lenya's modules
    • may trust some new modules for Lenya
  • Inconvenient
    • administrative task (but could be low, if I have many, I will be happy)
    • Server and administrator stability

Administrative support


  • Any one can set a new module, and have the module's lead
  • the module leader can add other commiters on his module

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance is important for the Lenya software.
  • So, in the community site, the QA is not sure. However, feedback on the list, maturity of the module and individual testing should give information on the goodness of a module.
  • Maybe, if a community module is pretty much stable and useful, it will be include in the Lenya's contribution branch ??

Module's licensing in the community site

  • ?? Only apache licence have to be allowed, or any open-source licence is allowed ??


  • Idea was send and discuss during the meeting in Bad Säckingen 2009
  • Decision have to be in the ML


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