Setting up your pub to allow multiple editing areas on the page

There are many ways to configure your Lenya publication to allow for multiple editable areas on the page.

See the blog pub


Use different doctypes


Using BXE with multiple edit areas

At MIT, we sort of hacked a "multi-div" way of doing this. We actually created two separate divs within the body and made our xsl separate them on the page (and added bxe_xpath to them). The only problem is that this only works in BXE. It doesn't work in Kupu; it will put all the content in one block in Kupu and if you mistakenly delete one of the divs the content will totally break.

See the attached InforMIT pub (InforMIT.tgz). You should just be able to drop this into your Lenya pubs dir and then restart Lenya. Then you can log in using the username "bmcavin" and password "password3". This has only been tested with Lenya 1.2.x.

NOTE: You need to make sure you add the line <map:parameter name="rendertype" value="{1}"/> to your publication_sitemap.xmap inside the <map:transform src="xslt/page2xhtml-{4}.xsl"> clause. If you don't do this, you won't have the $rendertype variable. It's not there by default.

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