This info is for Lenya committers who need to prepare a new release of Lenya. Most steps are the same as for Cocoon. Some additional notes are below.

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Release Schedule

Users are encouraged to test the stable branch continuously and report problems.

  1. [OPTIONAL] Vote on making release, if there is no mid or long term release plan with already established release dates.
  2. Announce beginning of release/freeze along this schedule 7 days in advance including the actual freeze date.

  3. Freeze source branch e.g. lenya/branches/BRANCH_1_2_X and send a freezed reminder to dev mailing list. Developers watch commits mailing list for commits to freezed branch, and inspect diffs to determine risk level. Risky changes are alerted on the developer list and rolled back, unless a vote passes to keep the risky change.

  4. Start testing the freezed code along the test plan. A test sprint on IRC is good for concentrated testing. The tests should be made on basis of a completely build Lenya binary distribution on Windows and Linux. It would be great, if we could make test installations available for the public and during the test sprint.

  5. New bugs found during 4 MUST be recorded in bugzilla. Bugs marked as CRITICAL or BLOCKER MUST be fixed before the release.

  6. Start at 4 again
  7. If tests are ok, vote on to release immediately; on a positive vote summary, create a tag branch; svn copy from a branch to a tag e.g. lenya/branches/BRANCH_1_2_X to lenya/tags/RELEASE_1_2_1, lock down the tagged version e.g. lenya/tags/RELEASE_1_2_1, then release (see Platform independent notes below).

  8. Edit the Downloads links on the web site with links to the new release files. (Currently that's index.xml and docs/1_2_x/installation/index.xml.)

  9. Publish a ProjectReleaseAnnouncement to appropriate places:

10. Update the Lenya DOAP file ( with the version and date of this new release.


Platform independent notes

PGP/GPG signatures on releases

ASF signing Resources

Windows installer

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