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Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based web development. Apache Lenya is a Content Management System (OverviewCMS). Apache Lenya is a Cocoon sub project under incubation. There is a growing number of users in Spain of cocoon/-lenya. So how about a user meeting in Spain with a workshop (Users support Users)? ¿Hacemos una conferencia de usuarios en España?

How long

2 days


21-22 June 2004


Biblioteca Central
Universidad Nacional Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Calle Senda del Rey s/n
28040 Madrid

Admission charge

30 euro for 2 days
We are sorry - registration closed!!!

Participant - registration closed!!!

Scherler. Alcántara sistemas de información, S.L. Sevilla. thorsten (at) apache dot org
David Pinelo. SADESI. Sevilla
Luis Zorita. UNED. Madrid
NachoJimenez. unmardedatos. Las Palmas de GC
Jorge Gutierrez (jorge.gutierrez at
Juan Alonso Moreno
Oro Smith
Eric Rodriguez
Santi Alonso
Jesús Pérez
Cheche.Independent. Madrid
Cristiano Fugazza (Kount0) + friend
Pablo Langa and Rafael León Santos. Aloja Comunicacion. Madrid

Agenda - Proposal

Monday 21.06.2004<<BR>>

||Time||Topic||||Lead ||10:00-11:00||Opening||||all ||11:00-12:15||Introducing Cocoon Concepts {1}||||Scherler ||12:15-12:45||Breakfast||||all ||12:45-14:00||Developing Web Applications with Cocoon{2}||||NachoJimenez ||14:00-15:00||Forrest - professional documentation based on xml||||Cheche ||15:00-17:00||Lunch||||all ||17:00-18:00||XML-based Web Applications{3}||||NachoJimenez ||18:00-19:00||Concepts Lenya {4}|||| ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann

Tuesday 22.06.2004<<BR>>

If you want to be active part of the workshop you SHOULD bring a laptop ;-).

||Time||Topic||||Lead ||09:30-18:30||Lenya/Cocoon Workshop {5}||||ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann

{1} Concepts Cocoon

{2} Developing web applications with cocoon

{3} XML-based Web Applications

{4} Concepts Lenya

{5} Lenya / cocoon Workshop

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