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I sent a email and at the same time I received your site information exchange so I repeat my emal. Neither I know any company in Spain. Concerning a meeting in Spain I,m willing to attend . Actually I would like to attend an european meeting but I think is to early for my cocoon-lenya experience . I read there is a meeting in Zurich? this month. So I'm ready to work in organizing a meeting in Spain. Where? Madrid is in the center. Sevilla is always a wonderfull meeting point. Other places.... When ? maybe ASAP.

(spanish trans. Yo tampoco sé de ninguna compañia que de soporte en España respecto a una reunión en España, estoy dispuesto a asistir. En realidad me gustaría a asistir a la reunión que tendrá lugar en breve ( en Zurich?)

. Pero me parece un poco precipitado para mi experiencia en Cocoon-Lenya. En fín , me ofrezco para organizar un encuentro en España. Donde? .. Madrid está en el centro, sevilla is siempre una buena elección. otros sitios...Cuando? Pues quizás lo antes posible. Luis Zorita

I think Seville will be a good place (good weather ;) ), we (Thorsten and I) can talk with the University to get a place. But, how many people will be on the meeting?

Regards, David Pinelo.

I'm ready to attend. The only thing I need to know in advance is when?.
So at the moment we are 3 people.
We wait for other people.
King regards
Luis Zorita

Contad conmigo si se hace en Madrid.


I have a company (unmardedatos) and work with cocoon.. I have done a couple of webapps and websites for different customers. I don't know if that suits you ;)

I live in the Canary Islands, but can fly to Madrid and stay there quite easily and would love to attend. Seville is much more difficult for me (have to fly to madrid and then get to seville), though i really need a weekend out :).

Anyway, I posted a while back in MaspalomasEvent an alike idea.. check it out..


NachoJimenez{{{wrote: ... I have done a couple of webapps and websites for different customers. I don't know if that suits you ;) }}} That nice! Would be nice having you on board! I see you added your name on the list of contributors! JaZZ! We will stay in touch on that!

I live in the Canary Islands, but can fly to Madrid 
and stay there quite easily and would love to attend.

Sounds great! Then I think it will be Madrid if more people can come over there! But would need help by arrangments in Madrid. ...altough Sevilla is a really nice town ;-)

It's going to last 3 days, and there's going to be a lot of partying and gaming events,
but the organization also wants some brainy content to go along with it, 
so i thought we could throw a cocoon event in the mix.

From: MaspalomasEventBR

Oh, dude! Sounds that I have to talk about that one with my wife ;-) Gaming and cocoon. That is basicly what I really enjoy! LOL! I will contact you! :)

King regards

If Madrid is finally the best choice for everybody I would try to arrange the meeting talking my University to get a place. So I'm looking hearing from you.
Next key points would be when? how long? and a attempt to write the main topics (everybody has to define their priorities and put together ).
Luis Zorita

I think Madrid would be the best place. But please ALL of you UserMeetingSpain2004VoteLocation for that so we can make sure everyone agree on that. If you can talk to your varsity that would be awesome! Maybe some of the students are willing to attend (right now we are 5, not that much).

Jupp, we have to define a date (or a range of dates) and see what the people think. I think it will depend a wee bit on you, Luis, because you have to ask university when it will be possible. +1 for writing down the main topics! How many days? 1 or 2?

King regards

Yes, Madrid is probably the easiest place to meet, but if we get some help from a University in Seville, I'd go with that: It'd get us extra exposure and a place to talk...

I guess it depends on how many people are going to attend, and what kind of event we want. If we want a get-together for 10 people to talk about our experience with Cocoon/Lenya and learn some tricks from each other, any place would be fine. If we want to preach to the masses, we would need some support from an academic institution or something in that line.

Particulary I'd love to have a bit of each.. a get-together to share our "expertise" ;), some conferences to share the (cocoon) love arround and maybe a workshop to introduce people into the technology.

That's what I planned with the MaspalomasEvent. It'd be in October, unless the local goverment jumps out of the bandwaggon. Right now they seem to buy the idea of financing a big Internet Party (1000 people) and want some 'quality content' apart from the party itself. They have already made reservations of a very big conference center for the party.

Next monday I'll talk about this topic in my University. I think there will be no problem with the conference room if we'are no more than 10-12.
Concerning the kind of event ...mmm... Maybe it's better (at the moment) a first exchange of ideas and expertise (I feel badly .. in my case get ideas and expertise).
How many days? My vote is 2.
Someone worked with eXist and Lenya? If so maybe it can be included in the XMLDB's issue.


I suppose one of the goal of the meeting is to get the maximun number of users and opinions. In that way, Madrid would be the place easy to go for almost all the people. Like Luis, I think 2 days will be enough. But it's important to suggest dates. Maybe on June?

David Pinelo.

June is ok for me except for the period 9-16th.
It´s important to decide the date because I've to book the room in my University.
Luis Zorita

Ok, Can it be on the week 21-25th? Any other suggest?

David Pinelo

For me it´s OK
Luis Zorita

I really don't care, any date in late may or june would be fine.

I've worked with exist, but now with lenya.. In fact, I do web based apps for small bussiness, and programming with exist, avalon and woody makes development lightning quick.

I can talk about that/show some examples in our meeting. NachoJimenez

Nice, seems that more or less we have everything together! Please vote which 2 days you want! Please add more topics to the agenda! ...I am looking forward to meet you guys!

I think we must ensure that the number of users on the meeting are enough to learn new things. We are 4 guys now, and it will be difficult for me to explain my boss that I will stay in Madrid for two days to be with another 3 guys... ;-)

Do you know if there are more people interesting on the meeting?

David Pinelo.

I think is better if I don't vote the date . I'll agree with your final decision.
Luis Zorita

Concerning the organization of yhe meeting my Institution (UNED) will be happy hosting it.
Maybe someone with a low english level will participate if the meeting language is spanish. So this is my proposal.

I would like the meeting in spanish, or at least, several parts of the meeting will be in spanish.


I don't care for english/spanish. The question is up to thorsten then.. How confortable you feel talking in spanish?

I think the rest of us are natives.

That is perfectly alright with me! I am able to speak in spanish or in english their both not my native languages (I think german is not an alternativ ;-)). Anyway, some things I may only know in english but I think that would be alright! At work I have to speak as well all day spanish! I think the meeting HAVE TO BE in castellano, you are all native e yo un puto guiri ;-)

Ok. Meeting will be held in spanish-castellano.
Proposal date: 24-25 june 2004.
If ok we can send a email to the lenya users. Maybe someone will attend if we talk in spanish.
I see Thorsten is living in Sevilla (puto guiri)

+1 sending an eMail to lenya and cocoon user! Best would be if you can do that luis. You know best how many people can fit in the room of the university.

I'll send the email when the date will be agreed.
Concerning the room I can manage 2 possibilities depending how many people.
Anyway less than 20-25. But I think w'll not reach this number.

Well , it seems 21 - 22th june is the most voted date. I need 2 or 3 days to make the arrangements.

I think it's important to know who will be the "masters", I mean, who will talk about Lenya, or who will guide us on the meeting. Maybe a Wyona's guy?


Is the date deffinite? I need to know, so I can make a couple of arrangements (plane tickets, a place to stay and so on).

About masters, If we are 5/6 people I wouldn't care about mastering. If we are above that, I can "master" sessions on Cocoon as a webapp framework and some component development intro.


I've booked a room with a computer(windows2000 -lenya) and a big screen.No more than 15 people. So from my side all is ok for 21-22th june

Nice, finally we will meet :). About the mastering stuff:
I will contact some of the guys of wyona. If we cannot arrange that I would be able to giving a helping hand. *PLEASE* update the agenda and put there what you want to see! I will try to organise a wee bit the days that we can get the most out of the meeting but I would need some input!
The room has 15 computers, is that right? Or is the capacity of the room for 15 people?
I reckon we have to keep track on who is comming! *PLEASE* Confirm your comming! Scherler

I will go. ;)


The room has one computer (1) connected to internet and a big screen. The capacity is for 15 people.
If someone has special needs , please tell me.
Luis Zorita

I will go too. I lived in madrid :) If I can help please let me know. Yo tambien voy, vivo en Madrid y si puedo ayudar en algo decidmelo.

Eric Rodriguez

I think it will be interesting if we have more information about each others . So , please complete the participants area with , at least, first name , second name , and where you live.

Is there a Wireless network with Internet Connection on the UNED university?. I can bring a wireless route + cable for the workshop if needed. Cheche

I just bought the plane ticket... It's no refund, so I'll be there for sure. I arrive on friday, if you neeed some help with the setup before the meeting, email me...


Concerning the wireless network... currently it's not possible. but I'm trying to get a solution in order to be connected everybody at the same time (maybe loosing broadband). Anyway we have a big screen and speakers could be connected to it.
Of course I think it´s a good idea bring along our laptops for the workshop.
Luis Zorita

I think we've reached the top number. So I consider the reserve list is closed.
Luis Zorita

Last news!!!
Finally I've got a 24 router port (cable needed ) . So everyone can attend the meeting with it's own laptops and be connected.
Luis Zorita

In order to accept new registrations I've got some extends in our meeting room. So if nobody is against the request of Pablo Langa and Rafael León Santos from Aloja Comunicacion is accepted
Luis Zorita

For me it is good as gold if we have place in the room ;-).

No problem. It's good a meeting with a lot of people!! ;-) David.

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