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 * [:ProposalRepository] Integration  * [[ProposalRepository]] Integration
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 * presentation of publication API draft (wiki:ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann)  * presentation of publication API draft (ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann)
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 * University of Zurich, Room: KOL-J-401 [http://www.plaene.unizh.ch/lageplaene/KOL4.html#ankermap]  * University of Zurich, Room: KOL-J-401 [[http://www.plaene.unizh.ch/lageplaene/KOL4.html#ankermap]]
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 * wiki:ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann  * ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann
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 * [:ProposalRepository]
 * [http://greg.abstrakt.ch/gallery/slideshow.php?set_albumName=lenya Photos]
 * [[ProposalRepository]]
 * [[http://greg.abstrakt.ch/gallery/slideshow.php?set_albumName=lenya|Photos]]


  • ProposalRepository Integration

  • prepare release 1.2
  • fix unit tests
  • clarify the documentaion vs. wiki problematic i.e. define a docu process (wiki->docu)

  • presentation of publication API draft (ApacheCocoon:AndreasHartmann)


  • Use excalibur sources in sitemaps, flow and java consequently instead of acting direct on the filesystem , which would be a good preparation to migrate to a repository.

Rolf on Repositories

  • there are Several repository interfaces in cocoon
    • o.a.c.repository.Repository with a WebDAV impl. in webdav block (no slide)
    • o.a.c.repository.SourceRepository which can be used with SlideSource and WebDAVSource. The interface of SourceRep. is not quite powerful. Most Repository functionality is exposed by various interfaces i.e. TraversableModifiebleSource and VersionableSource which are implemented by SlideSource and WebDAVSource

  • none of the current repsoitory approaches in cocoon are mature enough or full-featured enough for lenya. The o.a.c.repository.Repository is too flow oriented (no exceptions but boolean return types, acting on URIs represented as Strings)
  • rolf recommends to use the slide block for now (the lesser of the evils) by acting upon the various Source* interfcaces i.e. TraversableModifiebleSource and VersionableSource implemented by SlideSource

  • We need a TransactionManager wrapper for the SlideTransactionManager

  • rolf also recommends to decouple the repository interface from lenya as much as possible. this allows for later exchange of the repository interface with a better one or if the various repository approaches in cocoon are consolidated.
  • repository user mapper may be needed



Friday, May 14 (9:00 - 18:00) , and Saturday May 15, 2004

CVS Info

  • for experimental hacking (i.e. repository stuff) please use the Lenya_Sprint_2004_5_13-branch in CVS
  • cvs -d :ext:userid@cvs.apache.org:/home/cvs checkout -r Lenya_Sprint_2004_5_13-branch cocoon-lenya


Summaries and outcome

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