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Why Plugins

  • Seperate Functionality from core
  • Create a 3rd party plugin ecosystem

Technical foundation

  • can likely be implemented using UsecaseFramework

  • fallback:/ pseudo protocol
  • XPatch at runtime (???)


  • Extension versus inheritance

To be clarified

  • What does a plugin consist of
  • How should plugins be handled in Lenya
  • Do plugins apply only to authoring or to live as well?
  • Are plugins the same as blocks in Cocoon?

Project decisions

  • Should plugins be a compile time or a runtime feature?

Prototyping Plan

(by J. Wolfgang and Torsten (without "h"))

  • Define a PluginExperimentPublication in trunk

  • Implement a publication specific generic (i.e. editor independent) EditDocument usecase which will use a EditPlugin through a well defined interface (contract) to handle the actual editor (see below)

  • Implement a publication specific LenyaCMSMenuGenerator Avalon component which
    • will read an XML file with structure similar to the result of today's Default publication generic.xsl.

    • will replace placeholders in the XML menu skeleton with menu options supplied by plugins: for example EditorPlugins

    • the rest of the menu.xmap pipeline will remain unchanged for now
  • Develop a publication specific BXE EditorPlugin as an example to proof the concept

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