About Apache Lenya 2.0

Subversion repository URL: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/lenya/tags/RELEASE_2_0
Cocoon version: 2.11-dev, last changed revision: 606905

New Features in Apache Lenya 2.0

- Modularization
- Separation of API and implementation
- Major cleanups and usability improvements

Storage and Content Model
- Documents are referenced using UUIDs
- Improved management of internal links
- Configurable meta data element sets
- New protocols simplify repository access 

Website Management
- Publication templating for re-using common functionality in multiple publications
- Create new publication instances via the GUI
- Support for configurable publication properties

Access Control
- Explicitly deny permissions on particular pages

Assets and Images
- Assets and images are treated as documents
- Image upload in source editor
- SVG-based server-side image resizing

Workflow and Versioning
- Quickly manipulate multiple documents
- Personal user inboxes
- Function to override other users' check-out

Miscellaneous Features
- News / weblog module with RSS generation
- Language selection widget
- Dynamically generated layout images, e.g. round corners
- Better and more flexible editor integration (work in progress)

- Usecase framework to simplify the implementation of user interaction functionality
- Improved repository API

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