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Building blocks needed

Gregor's wishlist

Lenya needs to be compelling for users. Apache technologies often neglect the user side.

User-centric wishlist items

Developer-centric wishlist items

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Move to Java 5

I'd really like to use generics and all the other nifty stuff.

Convention over Configuration

I used to prefer configuration for a long time for reasons of flexibility, but I kind-of changed my mind. We have to make flexibility trade-offs to accelerate development. The past showed that many configuration options are apparently not important enough to be worth providing.

Consolidate, Re-Use Concepts

Instead of developing new concepts, we should rather re-use existing ones. A good example was Joern's note to use content items for inbox message storage. An example how not to do it is the rank growth of editor integrations.

The remaining stuff in src/webapp should be moved to modules. Running the build after changing these files is cumbersome. It's so convenient that you don't have to deploy modules after you changed XSLTs and sitemaps.

We should introduce the "copyless" concept for publications too.

Clean and Fast Authoring Environment

Currently, the authoring environment carries out a lot of Cocoon pipeline processing which is necessary to generate the WYSIWYG view, which makes it terribly slow. The same is true for the site environment. I'm convinced that we could implement something faster (and probably easier to maintain) using JSF and AJAX, or by radically simplifying and stripping down our pipeline architecture.

I'd be happy to live without true WYSIWYG when I get in-place editing of page titles and meta data (like Flickr and the like) and can navigate end edit faster.

Stable, Out-of-the-Box Repository

With our homegrown repository implementation we'll never be able to meet any enterprise requirements. We need true transactions and performant querying.

Some options:

Replace all-in-one Sitetree with other concept

Disadvantages of all-in-one sitetree storage:

Some options:

Queryable, indexable meta data


/document[@doc:uuid = $uuid]
/document[@xml:lang = $language and wf:versions/wf:version[last()]/@wf:state = 'review']
/document[@doc:resourceType = 'message' and @inbox:recipient = $user]

Get rid of the DocumentIdToPathMapper



Torsten Schlabach's Wishlist

User-centric wishlist items

Developer-centric wishlist items

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