trang is a convertion-tool for schema-files. It can create RNG / XSD/ DTD from a XML-data-file, and it can convert from Relax NG or DTD to XML Schema.


For full manual see

After 5 years there's an update available! version 20081028

1. Usage

The WYSIWYG-editor Bitflux is validing the input using the Relax NG definition.

Example to convert news.xsd to news.rng - that's not possible

Example to create news.rng from samples/news.xml

Full syntax

2. Installation

Ubuntu Linux: download the zip from the authors website, because the trang-version what is in the Ubuntu-repository does not work (tested from 7.10 to 8.04LTS)

3. Discussion

I tested trang for Lenya 1.2 - works properly. --DanielBruessler

Question: Wouldn't it be cool to put trang into the tools/bin/ - folder of a lenya-bin-package?

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