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'''When''': Sunday 25.06.2011 and Saturday 26.06.2011, starts at 11:00 '''When''': Sunday 25.06.2011 and Saturday 26.06.2011 (starts at around 11:00)
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'''IRC Channel / Communication''': #libcloud @ irc.freenode.net

Libcloud EuroPython 2011 Sprint

When: Sunday 25.06.2011 and Saturday 26.06.2011 (starts at around 11:00)

Where: dunno which room yet, meet up infront of the venue at around 11:00

IRC Channel / Communication: #libcloud @ irc.freenode.net

What do you need

  • SVN / GIT checkout of the libcloud repository (if you want you can also fork it on Github) - http://libcloud.apache.org/devinfo.html

  • mock and coverage library for running the tests and generating a test coverage report (pip install mock coverage)

Sprint Topics


  • Improve pricing distribution (method for download pricing file from our server and method for specifying a custom path for pricing data) - LIBCLOUD-87


  • Add "architecture" / "arch" attribute to the Image class


  • New driver for Google Storage based on S3 one (need to refactor functionality out of S3 driver into a BaseS3StorageDriver class and than S3 and GoogleStorage driver should inherit from it) - LIBCLOUD-79

  • New driver for Windows Azure Storage - LIBCLOUD-80


  • Amazon Driver


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