A free file sync utility for Windows that helps you compare and synchronize files and folders easily. It works with laptop computers, desktops, PCs, USB drives, hard-disks, network disks.

Realtime Sync lets you do just that. This is a free file synchronization tool for Windows 7 and Windows 8 that syncs files quickly and easily between computers, laptops, desktops, hard-drives, USB drives, Zip drives, network drives, etc.

You can specify filters that include/exclude data files and support delete or maybe copy operations for permitting you to do manual sync. Several sync methods can be obtained that include update, mirror, bi-directional and backup.

The interface is very easy and easy to make use of. It lets you accomplish compare, sync, back ups quite simply. You can do that with all kinds of files including e-mails, photos, iTunes, MP3s, and almost anything as well!

Here is more information in regards to real time file synchronization look into http://www.realtimesync.com

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