Q: Can I make Chainsaw V2 into an IRC client?

A: Yes. See a screen shot, get source code, config and jars on the attachments screen (from the 'more actions' drop down)



For each IRC server (one 'plugin' section per server) defined in the configuration file, you'll get a small popup as Chainsaw starts. You can use this popup to send commands to the server and messages in channels.

Once Chainsaw has registered you with the IRC server, a SERVER entry will be added to the drop down list, and you can then send commands to the IRC server by selecting SERVER in the drop down list, typing a command in the text field and pressing enter.

Example server commands:

Notice there is no need for a leading / on a command.

Once you are registered with an IRC server, Chainsaw will attempt to join each channel specified in the configuration file.

Once you have successfully joined a channel, the channel's name will be added to the drop down list. When you leave a channel, the channel will be removed from the drop down list.

To send a message in a channel, select the channel in the drop down list, type a message in the text field and press enter.

Some channels may require you to identify yourself before you can join. If this is the case, you will have to identify yourself and then send a server command to join the channel.

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