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Log4j To Do List

If you would like to take on one of these tasks, send an email to log4j-dev.


  • Write more test cases for  Plugin ,  PluginRegistry ,  SocketReceiver ,  SocketHubAppender , and  JMSReceiver  classes.

  • Write Watchdog implementations for  FileWatchdog ,  HttpWatchdog , and  SocketWatchdog .


  • Chainsaw Enhancements
  • Configurable Display panel formatter/ing
  • Finalise Receiver configuration panel (including Thresholding)
  • Ensure Chainsaw works out of the box with minimal configuration (allow user to define Receivers post startup)
  • Update documentation & Examples

    • Make available as Java Web Start appl


  • Write more test cases for the  org.apache.log4j.filter  package.

  • Write a  LoggerMatchFilter  class for the filter package that matches a set of Loggers by name.

  • Extend the  org.apache.log4j.servlet.ConfigServlet :

    • to display a hierarchical view of the current loggers.
    • allow the setting of different levels per logger, even if logger not currently created.
  • Modify  org.apache.log4j.servlet.InitServlet  to be independent of a context repository selector. Or at least be configurable as to which one it uses.

  • Implement a JNDI context repository selector.

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