All Log4PHP committers are encouraged to do blogging on If you aren't a committers but would like to see a blog post about a specific topic on the blog, please subscribe to the developers mailinglist and make yourself heard.

How to get access

If you don't have a blogging account on apache yet, you need to create an Infra Jira issue to be added as an blog author. After that beeing done, Log4PHP Blog Manager can add you to the blog. Currently Gavin and Christian can do this.

What to blog?

New releases, code changes of importance, results of technical evaluations, refers to published articles in magazines, projects making use of log4php and so on.

Rules for publishing a blog post

From David Blevins:

For those that would like an easy way to post previews of drafts for lazy consensus or voting, a script has been setup to allow the preview url that Roller generates to be shared publicly. For example:

A typical process is to create the blog post, set it up to publish in 3-4 days via the "Advanced Settings", then post the modified preview URL to your dev@ list with the anticipated publish date for lazy consensus.

Projects must opt-in by adding the "preview" user with "Limited" access.

Details here:

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