The Logging Service project leverages the Apache CMS for the main project web site. Logging sub-projects are linked from the main site but can be managed independently from it and from each other.

Managing the Main Site

The main logging web site is managed by the Apache CMS. The CMS consists of

  1. The source to build the web site.
  2. The staging site.
  3. The production site.

The web site source is a location in subversion that each project chooses that will contain the web site source before running any build scripts. For the logging project this location is https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/logging/site/cms/trunk. The CMS will monitor this source tree and whenever it detects any changes it will initiate the build to create a new version of the staging site.

The logging project's web site source can either be checked out, updated locally and then committed back or it can be modified using the CMS WebUI by navigating to CMS UI and selecting the content to be modified and updating it in the UI. After determining the staging site is OK the site may be promoted to production using the tool.

Managing Sub-project Sites

This section documents how to manage sub-projects whose sites are built independently, such as a project constructed using the Maven site plugin. Sub-projects that do not wish to have a separate build process may be included directly into the main web site.

Independent sub-projects only interact with the production web site located at https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/websites/production/logging/content/. These sub-projects must be specifically excluded from the CMS using the extpaths.txt file.

  1. Check out the production web site. To check out just the main web site do:
    1. svn co --depth immediates
    2. svn update --set-depth infinity content/css
    3. svn update --set-depth infinity content/img
    4. svn update --set-depth infinity content/js
  2. Create a log4xxx directory in the content directory.
  3. Underneath the newly created log4xxx directory create a directory for the releases of the component such as log4xxx-1.8.
  4. Copy the release website into that directory.
  5. In your log4xxx directory create a symlink of 1.x to log4xxx-1.8. "ln -s log4xxx-1.8 1.x" on a Mac or unix system.
  6. Make sure all that is added to svn and commit it.
  7. In the main web site check that index.twig and the navbar template reference your component as "log4xxx/1.x".
  8. Unindent your component in extpaths.txt.
  9. The previous steps should have initiated site builds. Verify that they were successful.
  10. Promote the staging site to production.


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