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Apache Log4j 1.x

What is it?

Log4j is a fast and flexible framework for logging application debugging messages.

With log4j it is possible to enable logging at runtime without modifying the application binary. The log4j package is designed so that these statements can remain in shipped code without incurring a heavy performance cost. Logging behavior can be controlled by editing a configuration file, without touching the application binary.

Future developments

Log4j 1.x will be superceded by Log4j 2.x which is actively under development.


The log4j-user mailing list is . You can subscribe from this link, but please be sure to read this first.

Any bugs should be reported via Apache Bugzilla or Valutazione Oro Usato. The list of open bugs is here.

Users are encouraged to first search the Main log4j FAQ, this wiki's FrequentlyAskedQuestions, and the mail archives to see if a question has been previously answered. If not satisfied with the results of this search, then by all means, please post your questions.

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