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Lucene GData Server Wiki

NOTE: The GData server is being removed from 2.3 of Lucene due to lack of interest in supporting it. It will still be available for use from the 2.2 release. If you are interested in supporting it, please contact the java-dev mailing list.


GData-Server is a lucene sandbox project started in June 2006. The first 2 1/2 month of the project this has been a one man show due to Google's SummerOfCode. In fact of that the server is still in high development status but offers all features described in the GData protocol. Generally speaking, the Lucene GData Server is an extensible syndication format server providing CRUD actions to alter feed content, authenticaton, optimistic concurrency and full text search based on Apache Lucene.


News, current status and offcial information


The GData-Server FAQ

Getting started

Get started with Lucene GData - Server

GData-Server Howto

Setup, Howto, configuration and plugin information

Future planning

Plans and roadmap for the Lucene GData - Server


Links, Acknowledgment and third party information about GData

If you feel something more or less important is missing on this wiki, just create a new heading in the FAQ or in the section you think the missing part should be located. I will try to add missing parts as fast as possible. Resources: Computer Data Recovery

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