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GData-Server is a lucene sandbox project started in June 2006. The first 2 1/2 month of the project this has been a one man show due to Google's [ SummerOfCode]. In fact of that the server is still in high development status but offers all features described in the [ GData protocol]. Generally speaking, the Lucene GData Server is an extensible syndication format server providing CRUD actions to alter feed content, authenticaton, optimistic concurrency and full text search based on Apache Lucene.

[wiki:/News News]

News, current status and offcial information

[wiki:/FAQ GData-FAQ]

The GData-Server FAQ

[wiki:/GettingStarted Getting started]

Get started with Lucene GData - Server

[wiki:/HowTo GData-Server Howto]

Setup, Howto, configuration and plugin information

[wiki:/FuturePlanning Future planning]

Plans and roadmap for the Lucene GData - Server

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Links, Acknowledgment and third party information about GData

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