Planning for Java 1.5 Migration

OK, we have finally all agreed to move to Java 1.5 and here is the plan agreed to by the committers:

  1. Put in any new deprecations we want, cleanups, etc.
  2. Release 2.4 so all of Mike M's goodness is available to 1.4 users within the next 2 months or so (no hard date) using our new release mechanism (i.e code freeze, branch, documentation.)
  3. Announce that 2.9 will be the last version under JDK 1.4
  4. Put in any other deprecations that we want and do as we did when moving from 1.4.3 to 1.9 by laying out a migration plan, etc.
  5. Release 2.9 as the last official release on JDK 1.4
  6. Switch 3.0-dev to be on JDK 1.5, removing any deprecated code and updating ANT to use 1.5 for source and target.
  7. Start accepting JDK 1.5 patches on 3.0-dev

See and for background information

Some people are interested in Java 1.5 Migration.

The mailing list discussion at started the ball rolling.

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