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Setting Fix Versions in Lucene/Solr JIRA. Mail Thread https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/63761e6efd1bb74d2efd02c3f8222d295c28a93ad33f36bf0ddb8f15@%3Cdev.lucene.apache.org%3E


Other suggested approach

Here's more context around this approach: I think one push == one label is unambiguous. You do have to realize that if there may never be, say, a 6.6.1 in my example. But we do remove the onus of people having to figure out what a fix version of plain "master" or "7x" means.

Issues with this approach (from the mail thread):

Say I commit something that would be released with 7.0 but obviously, I also commit to master at this point. Going with your approach here are the fix versions I’ll end up with on the JIRA - master (8.0), 7.1, and 7.0.

This confuses me, as anything that has a 7.0 fix version shouldn’t have anything else from the 7x line. Also, it shouldn’t have anything from a line greater than that i.e. master (8.0) as it is obvious to me that there can not be any fix that makes it’s way into 7.0 but not 7.1, or 8.0.

Also, from my understanding, a fix version of 7.1 would mean that the first time this was released on the 7x line was 7.1 (which wouldn’t be the case here).

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