This document defines the protocol at Apache Marmotta for managing dependencies, both new ones and version upgrades, refining the [|general guidelines].

Because this is easier to manage when adding/modifying a dependency than all together when preparing a release, every developer is responsible to strictly follow this protocol when this happens.

When adding a new dependency, you may need to ask yourself: which distribution would be affected by this new dependency?

In Marmotta we do both source and binary releasing; the first one is basically the full source code, while the second one affect just the webapp, the installer and ldpath.

Therefore, there are four cases:

  1. The dependency is managed by Maven
  2. The dependency cannot be managed by Maven

Basically the first case will only affect the binary distributions, not the source one. The second does affect the source distribution too. Generally the first way is much preferable, but unfortunately not always feasible, because: the artifact is not available on maven central, no maven artifact available (quite common for javascript libraries), code needs to be patched for any reason, etc

Therefore all affects LICENSE and NOTICE must be updated to reflect on each distribution this new dependency:

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