LDP Implementation Report (2014-03-11)

Implementation Report based on the WD-ldp-20140311.

General Implementation Restrictions


4.2 Resource

4.3 RDF Source

4.4 Non-RDF Source


5.2 Container

5.3 BasicContainer

5.4 DirectContainer

ldp:DirectContainers are not yet supported.

5.5 IndirectContainer

ldp:IndirectContainers are not yet supported.

6 Notable information from normative references

6.1 Architecture

6.2 HTTP/1.1

6.3 RDF

7 HTTP Headers

7.1 Accept-Post Header


7.2 Prefer Header

see and

8 Security

HTTP Basic Auth is supported

Open Issues and Questions

Missing Things

  1. Update LDP Ontology http://www.w3.org/ns/ldp# with the terms missing from the Spec:

    • ldp:BasicContainer

    • ldp:contains
    • ldp:DirectContainer

    • ldp:hasMemberRelation
    • ldp:IndirectContainer

    • ldp:insertedContentRelation
    • ldp:isMemberOfRelation
    • ldp:member
    • ldp:membershipResource
    • ldp:MemberSubject

    • ldp:PreferContainment

    • ldp:PreferEmptyContainer

    • ldp:PreferMembership

    • ldp:RDFSource
  2. Add ldp:NonRdfResource to the Spec. and LDP-Ontology

    • (URI is never explicitly used in the Spec)
  3. Extra Link: Headers on Requests to LDP-R
    • LDP-NR: Link with href of the corresponding RDF-RS with type "meta"
    • LDP-RS: Link with href of the corresponding RDF-NR with type "content" (if present)


  1. Is using an URI that was previously DELETEd considered "re-using"? (see also 6.1.2)
  2. (also Link to the LDP-RS rel should be "meta" or "describedby"? (ISSUE-15)
  3. Is the LDP-RS also "ldp:contains" by the LDPC?
  4. 4.2.5 When an LDP-RS is deleted and the LDP-RS is associated with an LDP-NR, should the LDP-NR be deleted too? (see also
  5. (also 4.2.7) Is it allowed for the LDP Server to restrict the properties changed by a PATCH request (analoguous to
  6. 6.2.4 Is it allowed to modify properties of a LDPC where a LDPR was deleted from, e.g. dct:modified?

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