Working with Marmotta and Maven

At this page you would find some useful documentation for working with such Maven and Apache Marmotta.


First, [ download Maven] and follow the installation instructions. After that, type the following in a terminal or in a command prompt:

mvn --version

It should print out your installed version of Maven. *Maven 3.x is required*.

Working with Marmotta

Modifying a module

Just install it in your local repository:

mvn clean install

Hot deployment is also supported using JRebel.


mvn test


Check test coverage

Using Cobertura you can perform difference check the percentage of code accessed by tests:


Further details at the Cobertura Maven plugin.

Build the site

mvn site

Alternative you can directly run it on a embeded server:

mvn site:run -Dport=8081

IDE Integration

For the moment all the actions were performed form the command-line. But Maven is nicely supported by many IDEs:

Additional documentation

Cleaning Marmotta home directory

Any Marmotta webapp comes with a Maven profile that allows you to clean the folder that Marmotta uses to store some caches. For doing that you'd need to run:

mvn clean -Pcleanall

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