Codename: Apache MyFaces Fusion


This project aims to ease the development cycles of an web application, especially if it has to deal with orm mapper. The main enhancement is the introduction of a new scope called "conversation". Beans put into this scope have a longer lifetime than just a request scoped bean, but lives shorter than a session scoped bean. The developer is able to define the conversation demarcations in code. Each conversation scoped bean has its own persistence manager which allows one to use long running sessions to avoid lazy initialization exceptions et al.

With the help of Spring (which is a dependency) the developer can easily make use of these long running sessions without the need to learn some new paradigms.

In the end the project should provide:

For what I can see now thats all what the project aims to be, I don't want to bloat it.

Maybe 3rd party libraries are able to make use of it e.g. to handle complex dialog scenarios. In particular I have shale-dialog in mind.

Apache MyFaces Fusion turned out to be a dangerous thing to use for this library due to the overlap with other frameworks or software products like:

just to count a few, so we need to find a new name.

We've collected some proposals which we have to sort out now.


Sorted out

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