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DRAFT(!) version of the quarterly report of the Apache MyFaces PMC. Feel free to edit

MyFaces Quarterly Report April 2009


  • Some community changes
  • New releases
  • Release candidates
  • Prototypes
  • Discussions


  • New committer:
    • Jan-Kees van Andel
  • No new PMC members,
  • Some new contributors


Release candidates

  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.1.2

  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.2.2


  • Bean-Validation (JSR 303) integration module for MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.x


  • discussion to support new JSR for the Portlet 2.0 Bidge for JavaServer Faces 1.2

  • the community promoted some components (toggleLink and fieldset) to tomahawk (from sandbox)
  • New Trinidad-Skin was proposed on the DEV list. The community is currently discussing this.
  • Trinidad changed the trunk. Now the Trinidad 1.2.x is the major trunk, Trinidad 1.0.x is now on a maintaining stage
  • MyFaces 2.0 is getting more attention. Several new community members (-> contributors) are active on the dev list and they are submitting ideas and patches

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