Note: This component is deprecated. Use "periodicalUpdate" mechanism of sandbox pprGroup instead.

A tag that defines an automatically update DataTable Ajax binding. This allows you to do frequency controlled update via asynchronous server requests - Ajax.

Note: This control is experimental and it is currently located in the MyFaces sandbox and can be subject to alteration in the immediate future. Therefore use it with care.

Note 2: Due to limitations in IE not being able to replace pieces of a table ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/properties/innerhtml.asp ) the table is wrapped in a div and this causes issues when using a bundle to populate items in the table including headers. So for now, do not use bundle values in your table.




<s:autoUpdateDataTable [ all standard dataTable attributes allowed ]
                standard dataTable body (<h:column> tags and optional "header" and "footer" facets)

frequency - defines the time in seconds between the Ajax-Requests

Note - This component is different to others, it uses Ajax mechanisms to fetch data from the server, thus the backend binding can and will be used outside of the standard JSF lifecycle to deliver the data.

Use the autoUpdateDataTable tag always within a form tag.

It is also not very advisable, to put some input fields (or checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) into the dataTable, since after every submit (which happens periodically) all the form data is cleared.

see examples/sandbox/autoUpdateDataTable.jsp for an example.

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