Client side validation&conversion is currently a sandbox feature that enables the validations&conversions run at client side in %100 server side compatible way. Almost all of the standard converters and validators are extended to work at client side. Since the whole extension is designed to be server side compatible, all the messages regarding validation&conversion is displayed in jsf message components(e.g. t:message)

Enabling Client Side Validation

In order to bring client side validation, all you have to do is to add the following context parameter to your application's web.xml


How to Skip It?

There maybe cases where you'll need to skip form validation at client side, an example would be a cancel button or a navigation button. In server side, the solution for this would be setting a button as immediate. At client site it's same too, so for skipping validation/conversion at client site, you don't have to do any special thing. Just set the command button as immediate and when it's clicked client site validation will not be performed. (Currently only t:commandButton is supported)

Displaying Error Messages

All the error messages regarding conversion/validation are displayed in t:message and t:messages components at client site. For now their forceSpan attribute must be set to true explicitly, in future they'll possibly render empty spans by default when client side validation is enabled. Currently configuration attributes like showSummary, showDetail, layout(list|table) are also supported to be compatible with server side.

Supported Converters&Validators

Following is the list of converters and validators that can work at client side too.

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