Whiteboard discusson - Establish a 'myfaces-components-commons' jar?

I propose that we use the commons jar to contain non-renderkit-specific components which should be usable in ANY JSF environment (Tobago, Tomahawk, Trinidad, ADFFaces, etc). This would include validators, converters, and non-rendering tags such as t:updateActionListener, t:aliasBean, t:saveState, a subclass of t:dataList that only iterates and doesn't render (always in simple mode), and whatever else we can identify as non-rendering. This commons jar is targeted at JSF users, not component developers. This commons jar would be available as part of a Tomahawk release, and would not be a separate release. We might distribute it as a separate product, but we would only release it when we release Tomahawk. -- Mike Kienenberger

I propose that we expand the existing shared module to be a place with common JSF code building block APIs that component developers can reuse. This would contain message bundle support, AddResource support, maybe dojo support, ValidatorBase, util classes, and so on. -- Mike Kienenberger

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