Create a Jira Issue

Open a jira issue describing your contribution, then attach files to the issue.

Brand new files can be attached as-is.

Changed files need to be submitted in unified diff format.

Create a "unified diff" patch

On unix, you can use "diff -u" to create raw patch files. Eclipse's SVN module and TortoiseSVN have "Create patch" menu options. In unix/windows you can also use the command "svn diff" to generate a diff with all your changes, including new files providing you have used the "svn add" command to mark them to be added in the svn repository beforehand. It is customary to include all changes into a single diff file, so for example if you are in the root folder of your local source tree you can do something like:

svn diff * > My_Patch.patch

After you have attached your files to the jira issue, mark the issue as "Patch Provided." Please provide a comment detailing what changes your fix will make.

Contributing a new component

You should provide the following files when submitting a new component.

Some of these are optional for a sandbox component, but they are all required to promote your component out of the sandbox and into Tomahawk, so I'd recommend providing all of them with your initial contribution.

Here's an example of someone contributing the focus component, although it isn't a perfect example. Maybe yours will be :)

Contributor License Agreement

In most cases, we'll need a Contributor License Agreement on file before new code or documentation can be accepted into the project

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