Notes on the MyFaces Core 1.2.7 Release




Here's how you can help us test the distribution.

Download a nightly build of the distribution assemblies:

Configure a <repository> for Maven 2:

           <name>Apache Snapshot Repository</name>

And declare a dependency on the 1.2.7 snapshots:


Note: Maven 2.0.4 will not download a new version if one is already present in your local repository. You will need to delete $M2_REPO/org/apache/myfaces/core to force Maven to download the new version. (Usually, $M2_REPO is <your home directory>/.m2/repository .)

Test your application, then, let us know the results (good or bad!) on dev -at- (You must be subscribed to post. See:


Proposed Release Announcement


1. Preparing shared 3.0.6

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dusername=lu4242 -Dscm.password=??? -Dtag=3_0_6 -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dusername=lu4242 -Dscm.password=??? -Dtag=3_0_6 -Dresume=false

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dusername=lu4242 -Dscm.password=??? -Dtag=3_0_6 -Dresume=false

2. Preparing core 1.2.7

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dusername=lu4242 -Dscm.password=??? -Dtag=1_2_7 -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dusername=lu4242 -Dscm.password=??? -Dtag=1_2_7 -Dresume=false

3. Deploy on local repo

mvn clean deploy -DperformRelease=true -DaltDeploymentRepository=myfaces-local-staging::default::scp://localhost/home/lu4242/stage/repo127 -Psign-artifacts -Dpassphrase=??? 

   cd home/lu4242/stage/repo127
   scp -p -r org

4. JIRA Release Management

5. Next step is the TCK

6. Generate assembly

cd 1_2_7
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly
cd assembly
mvn package

openssl md5 myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz > myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz.md5
openssl md5 >
openssl sha1 myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz > myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz.sha1
openssl sha1 >
gpg --armor --output myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig myfaces-core-1.2.7-src.tar.gz
gpg --armor --output --detach-sig

openssl md5 myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz > myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz.md5
openssl md5 >
openssl sha1 myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz > myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz.sha1
openssl sha1 >
gpg --armor --output myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin.tar.gz
gpg --armor --output --detach-sig

scp -p -r myfaces-core-1.2.7-bin*
scp -p -r myfaces-core-1.2.7-src*



I was running the needed tasks to get the 1.2.7 release of Apache
MyFaces core out.

The artifacts passed all TCK test.

Please note that this vote concerns all of the following parts:
 1. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.shared" v3.0.6  [1]
 2. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.core" v1.2.7  [1]

The artifacts are deployed to my private Apache account ([1] and [3] for binary and source packages).

The release notes could be found at [4].

Also the clirr test does not show binary incompatibilities with myfaces-api.

Please take a look at the "1.2.7" artifacts and vote!

Please note: This vote is "majority approval" with a minimum of three
+1 votes (see [3]).

[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released,
 and why..............

Leonardo Uribe


8. Clirr report to check binary incompatibilities success

9. Vote closed, starting distribution

cd /home/lu4242/public_html/myfaces127binsrc/sources
cp * /www/
cd /home/lu4242/public_html/myfaces127binsrc/binaries
cp * /www/

Alternative for manual copy:

mvn clean deploy -DaltDeploymentRepository=myfaces-staging::default::scpexe:// -Psign-artifacts -DperformRelease=true -Dpassphrase=???

Alternative for manual copy:

mvn clean deploy -DaltDeploymentRepository=myfaces-staging::default::scpexe:// -Psign-artifacts -DperformRelease=true -Dpassphrase=???

10. Announce

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v1.2.7 Release

The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core 1.2.7.

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 1.2 implementation as specified by JSR-252.  MyFaces Core has passed Sun's JSR-252 TCK and is 100% compliant with the JSR-252 specification. 

MyFaces Core 1.2.7 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 1.2.7


    * [MYFACES-1761] - Handling PostConstruct annotations - wrong order
    * [MYFACES-1841] - HtmlResponseWriterImpl.writeURIAttribute does not perform proper URLs encoding ( ex: & should be encoded in &amp)
    * [MYFACES-1879] - Problems with myfaces when java2 security is enabled
    * [MYFACES-1891] - ClassCastException in converter when Hiding / Showing unselected selectOneRadio
    * [MYFACES-1975] - HtmlResponseStateManager.getSavedState() should handle javax.faces.ViewState=""
    * [MYFACES-2007] - Converters are not created properly when target class is both, an enum and implements an interface
    * [MYFACES-2013] - h:dataTable renders caption facet twice on ear projects
    * [MYFACES-2099] - Detection of empty selection in UISelectOne through RenderUtils.NOTHING is faulty
    * [MYFACES-2134] - org.apache.myfaces.CONFIG_REFRESH_PERIOD != 0 causes a myfaces failure
    * [MYFACES-2139] - h:messages don't use styleClass attribute when rendering
    * [MYFACES-2144] - <render-kit> parsing problem
    * [MYFACES-2149] - Stream not closed
    * [MYFACES-2155] - HtmlLinkRenderer did not recognize ankers (#)
    * [MYFACES-2161] - MyFaces-API issue: getValue of UIInput
    * [MYFACES-2177] - ConvertDateTimeTag timeZone does not work with ValueExpression of return type String
    * [MYFACES-2214] - Cannot use custom error handler (param org.apache.myfaces.ERROR_HANDLER) due to bug in FacesServlet
    * [MYFACES-2232] - FacesConfig.getCurrentInstance and externalContext references should work before set application instance on facesContext init
    * [MYFACES-2233] - javax.faces.application.Application should check for default ApplicationImpl on methods added on 1.2 to enhance compatibility with existing jsf 1.1 apps as RI


    * [MYFACES-2156] - Performance improvement in HtmlRenderKitImpl
    * [MYFACES-2234] - add org.apache.myfaces.DELEGATE_FACES_SERVLET param, to make possible use other custom servlet instead FacesServlet

New Feature

    * [MYFACES-1902] - Allow to use different ExpressionFactory implementation


Leonardo Uribe

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