How to cut an Orchestra Release

Based on the Apache MyFaces [CoreRelease115] document.

Step by Step

Building the artifacts to be released

Vote on release

Send the following email to the developers list:


I have run the necessary tasks to get the following artifacts released:
(all artifacts are deployed to the MyFaces staging repository)

 * Apache MyFaces Orchestra Maven [1]
 * Apache MyFaces Orchestra Core [2]

The tar.gz and zip archives are deployed at [3]

Please have a look at these artifacts and vote:
[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released,
      and why..............



When Voting is Complete


cp -rp /www/* /www/

After Release is Complete

Send the following email to:

The Apache MyFaces Orchestra team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache MyFaces Orchestra Core 1.x.

Get a full overview at Orchestra's homepage [1].

The distribution is available at


Apache MyFaces Orchestra is available in the central Maven repository under
Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.orchestra".

Have fun!



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