Publishing the site via Continuum

Build tasks to perform the build and deployment of the website for MyFaces core is defined in the MyFaces continuum installation. At the current time, these tasks are marked as "default=false", meaning that they do not run on an automatic schedule.

Therefore, to deploy an updated website, log on to the continuum server, open the appropriate "project group" and "project", then click the (small) "build now" icon that is next to the "site-deploy" build definition. A build takes approximately 4 minutes, and the status can be seen on the continuum "builds" tab. It would be possible to deploy the latest site automatically (ie on a schedule such as nightly) but at the current time this is not enabled.

The site is initially deployed to (aka From there a periodic task transfers it to the main apache site and mirrors, so it can take a few hours for a new site to be visible to the public.

The continuum server can be found at:

Publishing the site manually

It should be possible to run this locally:

  mvn clean site-deploy

If your local username is not the same as your account on, then you can add an entry in your maven settings.xml file to specify logon details. See the release procedures page on this wiki for details.

You will also need to be in the "myfaces" unix group in order to be able to write to the necessary directories.

Testing Site Modifications

Running "mvn clean site" will build the site for the current module and all its submodules. However the generated html pages for each submodule are placed into the target directory for that module. As a result, none of the inter-module links work.

To test a multi-module site, use this instead:

  mvn -DstagingDirectory=/tmp/stage site:stage

which will assemble a complete site from the partial pieces present in the different modules.

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