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Modules of ExtVal

External ExtVal Add-ons

Details are available at http://os890.blogspot.com/search/label/myfaces-extval-add-on

External ExtVal Add-ons for the BV Integration

Work in progress

Possible ExtVal Features/Add-ons

A collection of add-on ideas which are possible (most of them are quite easy).
Please vote (via E-Mail), if you need one of it.
(It's not that difficult to impl. it on your own, so maybe you implement it and donate it.)



It's important to mention that ExtVal provides several approaches to extend, customize,... the default behavior.
We recommend to choose one approach you prefer and use it consistently!
Basically there are 3 available approaches: Conventions (customizable if needed), ExtVal Java API, configuration via web.xml
So choose the approach you prefer! ExtVal tries to provide always a very simple approach for your custom implementations. If you can't find a simple one, just ask for support.

Tested Compatibility

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