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FacesTrace is an open-source library aiming to enhance the traceability of applications based on JavaServer Faces. Several trace information and performance metrics of a JSF application is collected and presented on the page being traced using the ft:trace component. The significant features of the FacesTrace are;

  • Phase Tracker: Calculates execution times of each phase
  • LifeCycle visualizer: Visualizes the JSF lifecycle for the request being traced.

  • FacesMessages: Displayes the current faces messages of the request.

  • Scope Variables: Presents each variable in scopes like session, request, params and etc with key-value pairs.
  • Log4J Appender: Configuring the appender, log4j logs can be displayed on the page
  • DHTML Component Tree: Visualizes the JSF Component tree with a dhtml tree

The homepage of the FacesTrace project: http://facestrace.sourceforge.net/

Online example is deployed at: http://www.cagataycivici.com/facestrace

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