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From December 14th to 16th, the first MyFaces Hackathon happens.

Things we wanna do (nothing put in stone, just a collection of ideas):

  • Tomahawk: Let PPR handle "secondary" components ... (or at least, let it refetch the messages too)
  • Orchestra: Store a unique conversation-id into the viewState to allow checking with browser-back button
  • Move appropriate Tomahawk components into commons, if desired;
  • look at supporting multiple concurrent windows in MyFaces with server-side state. Currently AFAIK there is only one viewstate pool, not one per window, so using one window can force the state backing the other window to be discarded. This may overlap with the "externalise view cache" proposal currently logged as a JIRA issue.

  • create separate websites for Myfaces 1.1.x and 1.2.x, like maven does for maven1.x and 2.x? Currently info on myfaces1.2.x is very hard to find on the website (eg the javadoc link is to 1.1.x).
  • clean up the state-saving code (JsfStateManagerImpl, HtmlResponseStateManager). Currently, every state option has been implemented by adding code to these classes. It would be nice to instead have a separate subclass per "strategy"; see INIT_PARAM_VIEWSTATE_JAVASCRIPT implementation for an ugly example. This then enables easier implementation/experimentation with new strategies.

Matthias Wessendorf

  • work on myfaces commons
    • add more validators/converters to commons
    • add tests to commons
  • finish Trinidad sandbox and extract the structure as maven archetype
  • add Groovy support (for managed beans) to MyFaces 1.2

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