MyFaces JSR-252 (JSF 1.2) Development Page

The MyFaces team is building a compliant, high-quality, implementation of the JSR-252 (JSF 1.2) spec that passes the JSF 1.2 TCK.

You can build the implementation with the following command lines:

svn co
cd current12
mvn clean install

You can get the latest public version of the JSF 1.2 spec here.

Jira Tasks

All tasks related to the JSF 1.2 effort have JSR-252 in the Components field. You can view all of the MyFaces tasks here.

Every issue from the JSR-252 expert group that resulted in a spec change has been entered as a Jira task. However, there are spec changes that don't fit neatly into a single expert group issue number. So, some tasks might not have an EG reference. You can browse all of the JSR-252 Expert Group issues here.

New JSF 1.2 Dependencies

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