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DRAFT(!) version of the quarterly report of the Apache MyFaces PMC. Feel free to edit

MyFaces Quarterly Report January 2009


  • Some community changes
  • New releases
  • Discussions


  • No new committers,
  • New PMC members:
    • Gerhard Petracek
    • Leonardo Uribe
  • New PMC chair -> Matthias Wessendorf

  • Some new contributors



  • The MyFaces PMC worked with folks from Oracle, the JCP and the legal list to get a slight modification of the notice for the portlet bridge implementation, which is backed by the JSR 301.

  • A proposal to create a common skinning module is being discussed on the dev list, which could be used by all the myfaces component libraries, and potentially become part of a future version of JSF. Several community members are involved on the discussion of such an API / an implementation.

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