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DRAFT(!) version of the quarterly report of the Apache MyFaces PMC. Feel free to edit

MyFaces Quarterly Report July 2009


  • Some community changes
  • New releases
  • Discussions


  • New committer:
    • Michael Concini
    • another vote just passed, invitation has been sent out
  • No new PMC members,
  • Some new contributors



  • discussion to add a second MyFaces member to the JavaServer Faces Expert Group (JSR 314). No response from Ed Burns (spec lead) so far.

  • Longer vote was done to replace the used logging; Not the entire MyFaces community agrees to force all subproject to use the same logger tool. Vote was stopped; More to come...

  • SVN structure change for MyFaces CORE has been approved. The SVN change hasn't been done yet. The community also expressed interest in having a GIT mirror.

  • MyFaces 2.0 is still getting more attention. The new committers are active in this area; Contributions (mailing list / JIRA) are coming in from the wider community as well

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