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MyFaces 1.1.0 Release Checklist


  • [DONE] Wiki documentation for performing release build --> Sean

  • Update website contents for Tomahawk main page (extensive explanation overview)
  • Migration instructions (website) for 1.0.9 to 1.1.0
  • Updated list of dependencies for api, impl, and tomahawk (we have a list but I suspect its out-of-date)
  • Release notes. (JIRA has a nice feature for this.)


  • [DONE] Get new "announce" mailing list setup. Announce the new "announce" list :-) --> Martin

  • [DONE] Tweak build script so sandbox stuff is optional (since release should not include it) --> Sean

General Release Proc

  • [DONE] Publish release candidate on minotaur. Wait 72 hours for bug reports. Fix new bugs that are deemed urgent for the release. --> Sean

  • [DONE] Publish second release candidate on minotaur. Wait 72 hours. Vote on RC. --> Sean

  • [DONE] Build official release. Follow the wiki for release build instructions. --> Sean

  • [DONE] Publish official release to mirrors. Follow the wiki for publishing instructions. --> Sean

JIRA Follow Up

  • [DONE] Change current 'Nightly Build' version to '1.1.0'. Add a new 'Nightly Build' version.

  • Close out old release version, etc.

Annoucements (Wait 48 hours for release to propogate to mirrors)

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