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This page is now out-of-date since the maven conversion!

On 2/8/06, Sean Schofield wrote:

run mvn site from the tomahawk/core dir to test your
format before checking in.

The links between sites won't work until its deployed but you can
build each portion of the site individually and review it locally in
the resulting target/site dir.

Pre-maven documentation

This page describes the steps that are necessary to build the MyFaces homepage on your local system.

Installing Forrest

Preparing Forrest for various Development Environments

  • Ant from the command line: copy (forrest)/lib/core/xml-commons-resolver-1.1.jar to $ANT_HOME/lib
  • IntelliJ IDEA Users: Add (myfaces)/forrest/build/build.xml as ant build file. Under "Properties(right mouse on myfaces-forrest ant build)/Additional Classpath" add (forrest)/lib/core/xml-commons-resolver-1.1.jar
  • Eclipse Users: Add myfaces)/forrest/build/build.xml as ant build file to the ant view.

    Right click the root of the build entry of the forrest build file select Run As -> External tools. A window similar to eclipse run configuration window should pop open. Add following files via external jars to your run configuration classpath:

    1. (forrest)/lib/core/xml-commons-resolver-1.1.jar
    2. (forrest)/lib/endorsed/xercesImpl*.jar from
    The second jar is important, otherwise you will get errors, because Eclipse normally uses a different xml parser implementation than Apache Forrest and that one would be used automatically, resulting in build errors.

    Alternatively you can add both jar files to the ant classpath in the window->settings of Eclipse itself. After that you should be able to run the build via double click or the run configuration from the ant view.

Editing the sources

  • Editing existing page: Use the xml editor of your choice and edit the sources following the syntax set by the dtd
  • Editing of a new page: The best way to headstart is to copy an existing page and clear the contents and fill the correct contents. Use an XML editor of your choice to edit the raw xml file, and validate it against the predefined dtd before compilation.
  • add an entry of your page to the site xml (important - do not forget that otherwise your page will not be compiled ) and then proofread and compile it via ant - forrest as described above.

Making a patch

Use the svn patch function which can be accessed via the svn plugin/client of your choice to generate the svn patch, against the main svn trunk.

Building the Homepage

  • run the "dist" ant target of the myfaces-forrest build file
  • the homepage is built under (myfaces)/forrest/build/temp/site

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