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Current Tasks (List of steps for the MyFaces Reorg)

Key Decisions

  • [DONE] List of artifacts to be produced in various releases

  • [DONE] Decide name for new components + extensions subproject (tomahawk/mocasin/lonewolf?) --> Tomahawk

SVN Preparation

SVN Reorganization

  • [DONE] Create a tag for original SVN code (so we can "restore" the original files and layout when needed)

  • [SKIP] Disable commits for MyFaces project (except for individuals performing reorg) --> Manfred

  • [DONE] Perform SVN Reorg

  • [SKIP] Enable commits for MyFaces project --> Manfred

Build Script Changes

  • [DONE] Get ant scripts working with new structure (including producing new or renamed artifacts)

  • [DONE] Get bootstrap.xml and nightly build process working

  • [DONE] Get automated build of website working with existing techniques (ant, bootstrap, cron, etc)

Website Follup

  • [DONE] Add a new news announcement pertaining to the reorg

  • [DONE] Relabel the "components" tab to whatever the new subproject name is

Deal With Unresolved Legacy Trunk Code

  • myfaces/trunk/webapps/tagunit
  • myfaces/trunk/src/junit
  • myfaces/trunk/src/cactus
  • myfaces/trunk/src/codegen
  • [DONE] myfaces/trunk/src/wml

  • [DONE] myfaces/trunk/src/xdoclet

  • myfaces/trunk/doc

Long Term

  • Mavenize things --> James Mitchell

  • Additional automated web tests (Cruise Control, etc.) --> Bill Dudney

  • Allow the possibility to generate example wars using the jsf-ri jars and myfaces extensions to debug compatibility issues faster

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